“The Goddess kindly welcomed me and took
my right hand in hers,
and addressing me she uttered so:
«Oh young companion, led by the mares and the immortal charioteers,
you come to our home:
rejoice, for no adverse Moira
sent you to travel this path - which is far from the way traveled by men -
but Themis and Dike. You must comprehend all:
the firm heart of the well-rounded Truth
and the appearances of mortals in which there is no true certainty.
Nevertheless this also you have to learn: how things that appear
must in a correct way be evaluated»*

-------------------------Love solves vulgar mercury; knowledge coagulates in the hearts of Philosophy lovers.

“15. ... it is necessary to distinguish between the desire of an individual ... and Love that because it has, it can give...; being full and complete, porge e donate.
... when we say that we love someone, we mean that we desire her/him, and if the object of our desire disappears or opposes our desire, this gives rise to conflict and frustration...

18. Love is a powerful unifying impulse, which transmits the grace of joy. Love floods and involves all it comes into contact with.
Love is a propelling power that “moves the sun and the other stars”.
The wonder of Love allows growth, redemption and the expansion of consciousness to universal dimensions.
Love sublimates the sexual act because the intent comes from above and not from below, where it is prompted by instinct and need... the act, made sacred, is adorned with sweet desire, by ecstatic contemplation and joyful and luminous glances which take root in Madonna Beauty herself, so that it creates beings that originate from the intelligible Heavens.
Love does not see the other as an object to possess or an instrument of mere enjoyment but as a subject to whom it offers itself; two polar hearts that love each other vibrate a joy and harmony which imparts rhythm to the space around them.
If all the couples on Earth loved each other with sublime Mind, the planet would emanate a different beam of light and have a different rhythm: it would become a sacred planet.

19. “Do you fear? Let us hold each other tight and we will be strong, stronger than the world and than the Gods. You know, one day a race of men inhabited the earth who were simply men that ignored the sweet union of Love.
And yet they were strong, so strong that one day they decided to attack the Heavens. Jove feared them and therefore he divided them so that each of them became two new beings: a man and a woman.
It happens at times that two of them, who were once one, thanks to the power of Love, reunite, and thus become strong, stronger than Jove, stronger even than the primitive beings they once were, because the union of Love is the supreme strength» (Sören Kierkegaard).

«Are you, by any chance, a Lover who goes looking for his immortal Beloved? Do you want to be one and the same thing with the heart's Beloved who does not know time…?»

According to the Myth, in ancient times beings were but of one sex, children of the Sun. But as they were extraordinarily strong and sought to climb to the heights of Heaven, God himself, upset by this boldness, divided them into male and female; now, the means to reunite them is Love, so that they may become whole again.
It is worth recalling that Love, on the manifest plane, is that Teaching which resolves all the duality, contradictions and sufferings of the world.
Knowledge illuminates, clarifies and reveals, but it is born under the impulse of Eros-Love.
Cognitive illumination, or “Holy Wisdom”, knows that all is One and that multiplicity is mere appearance, but the activation of such a truth is the work of Eros-Love which unifies the subject and the object of knowledge.
* Parmenides, "Proem", On the Order of Nature, Edit by Raphael. Aurea Vidya. New York 2009
1 Italic is ours
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