In the Western Tradition, the Way to the transcendent has its foundations in the Lesser and Greater Mysteries. Metaphysical knowledge is offered to those who want to know through the Myths, the Qabbalah, and the Alchemy. Despite their formal differences, these various expressions consistently and univocally convey the same Truth. To proceed toward the transcendent, such teachings need to be embraced and realized. As Plotinus says: “The teaching does not go beyond the limit of pointing out the Way and the journey: the Vision, in fact, is entirely the personal labor of the one who sought It”.
As Tradition clarifies, true Reality can be found in this reality when we recognize that this latter is only a reflection of the One Principle. By leading our “eyes” to see this Reality, we make Union with the Transcendent One possible. Through this Union, we can indeed achieve all levels of reality; through this Union, we find the door to identity with the Night (Absolute Metaphysical Black, Fullness of Light, Undifferentiated without attributes) as Orpheos says .