Raphael is that being, as Plotinus says, who is "ashamed to be in a body", having always had a propensity to a state of pure essence.
This implies that, from a young age, his condition revealed itself as a metaphysical state, beyond any formal or phenomenal appearance.
It also means that to talk of any individuality, which is a "shadow" of "that which one is", is irrelevant.
It would mean showing more interest in the clothes rather than in the true identity of a person.
"That which one is" (which you reader are also) has no history, has no memory, has no experience; hence it has no past nor future.

The "shadow" or appearance has no ontological reality, nor any logical validity because it is the effect of avidya (metaphysical ignorance).
What can be the purpose of considering something which appears and disappears on the horizon of pure Consciousness and which is the cause of the oblivion of "that which one is"?

So, if this name Raphael is for you a source of stimulation towards comprehending that Essence which at certain levels you are, then it has accomplished its purpose.
If, on the other hand, your intent is to satisfy a simple curiosity of a formal, objective and individual order, it can be demonstrated that any type of curiosity, no matter how extensive and particularized, cannot bring any benefit nor any progress.