Ashram Vidya Order operates two Publishing houses, the first one in Italy, the other one in the US.

The Italian Publishing house, Associazione Ecoculturale Parmenides, previuos Edizioni Asram Vidya, has been in operation for over 40 years and has published a wide range of Metaphisics realizative books as well as Classic Advaita texts.

The activity of the US Publishing house, The Aurea Vidya Foundation, which has been in operation for the last six years, is that of proposing to the English speaking readers a selection of text first published in Italian. To introduce the Teaching, we have first published a group of books by Raphael. To continue the series, we have recently started also the publication of traditonal Classics.

The books have been divided in two groups, by language:
The English texts, published by The Aurea Vidya Foundation, and the Italian ones, by Associazione Ecoculturale Parmenides.